Other DMV Services

Other Department Of Motor Vehicles Services


Do you have a vehicle that needs to be junked? We offer junk certificates and salvage certificates.  If you lost your registration card, plates, tags or any other credentials, we can help you at one of our five locations. Come in and we will do the paperwork for you.  We issue vehicle registration, tags and plates on site!


Replacement Credentials:

  • Plates
  • Registration
  • Tags
  • Titles

Certificates & Revivals:

  • Junk Certificates
  • Junk Revivals
  • Salvage Certificates
  • Salvage Revivals

VIN Verifications:

  • Boat Hull Identification number
  • Motorcycle VIN Verification
  • Trailer VIN Verification
  • Vehicle VIN Verification

If you have questions about other DMV services we provide, give us a call at any of our locations.  We are the express option for DMV services!

We serve as a convenient option for vehicle registration services. Call one of our locations or send us a message.
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