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What To Do If Your Registration Is Suspended Due To No Insurance


Having no insurance on the vehicle can cause your registration to be suspended.  In order to fix this issue, you must first get insurance from any insurance provider and then you must pay a reinstatement fee.  This fee can either be paid on the California Department Of Motor Vehicles website or you can pay it here at Registration Express Group.


I Have Lost or Didn’t Receive My DMV Registration Renewal Notice


If you have lost your DMV renewal notice with the RIN (Renewal Identification Number) it is ok.  We can process your vehicle registration renewal without this number.  Just bring in your vehicle license plate number and the VIN.  Registration Express is here to help you get your vehicle registered and back on the road so you can get where you are going.

If you have any questions about your renewal, contact us at any of our locations.


Why You Should Do Business With Registration Express Group


By working with us, we prevent errors such as being overcharged and being registered incorrectly.  We can also save you time and money by having us fill out your forms.  This will eliminate the hassle of doing them incorrectly and preventing the wrong forms being filled out.  It also protects you from liability.  Making sure that your transaction goes through correctly.

We serve as a convenient option for vehicle registration services. Call one of our locations.
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